Having a Bad Day? 8 Simple Ways to Improve your Bad Mood

Ever feel down for no apparent reason? Or just seem easily irritated or bothered by the smallest things. People you would normally get along with seem to be rubbing you the wrong way? We’ve all been there before, but there are simple ways to turn your bad mood into a good one by following these simple steps.

1. The most obvious, but most important way to improve your mood is with a clean healthy diet. A healthy diet is key to your overall health. When you start to eat clean you also start to look and feel amazing. Cutting out all meat, sugar, refined carbs and processed foods, and switching to organic fruits, vegetables, green salads, spirulina, chlorella, lemon water, and juiced greens will certainly put your bad mood to rest.

2. Exercise is very important to your overall health and mental well being. Incorporating some physical exercise into your daily routine at least 30 mins a day is crucial to your health and self esteem. Exercising releases endorphins from the brain and causes a euphoric feeling. Just remember that exercising and a healthy diet go hand in hand.

3. Get your vitamin D on by going outside for some sunshine. 15-20 minutes of sunlight a day can really help in improving your mood. Sunshine increases levels of serotonin in the body. Have you ever noticed how some people are happier in the summer and more depressed in the winter because there is less sunlight?

4. Get enough sleep. Sleep is very important because that’s the time our bodies are regenerating itself. Skimping on sleep can cause anxiety, irritability, and cause weight gain. If your tired, listen to your body and get some rest, your mental well being will be thank you.

5. Listen to good high vibrational music. Music has sound frequencies that can affect the way we feel. Try Listening to Mozart or Bob Marley when you are feeling down.

6. Spend time with people that uplift you and make you feel good and stay away from the naysayers!


7. Taking probiotics can have a positive effect on your mood. Probiotics are strains of healthy bacteria that allow for better absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat, it also boosts our immune system and crowds out harmful bacteria in the gut. Our gut is responsible for producing serotonin “the happy hormones”, so when there’s more harmful bacteria in the gut this can affect your mood negatively.

8. Lastly, but not the least important is practicing self affirmations. what is self affirmations you ask? they are short positive statements that you repeat often in order to reprogram your negative thoughts into positive ones. This is done to program your mind to believe what you are saying is true. Some examples include ” I open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life”, ” I am so grateful for my life and everyone in it”, and “Everyday I’m getting better and better”. I like to start these first thing in the morning for 5-10 minutes, I find that it sets a really good tone for the day.

So that concludes my 8 simple ways to improve your bad mood. I hope you found this information useful and hope you can apply it to your life.

Thank you.

Until next time,

I’m wishing all of you good health, happiness, and love.

4 thoughts on “Having a Bad Day? 8 Simple Ways to Improve your Bad Mood

  1. And it’s important to smile and laugh too. I write a short two minute blog published friday, Saturday and Sunday and I am at my happiest when someone tells me it has lifted their spirits…we can all give different things in life…this is my contribution to a sometimes dark world😁


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