4 Bad Habits that Will Drain your Entire Energy

Ever wonder why sometimes your energy field may seem off and you just don’t know why. Life can throw curve balls at times, but we should never let these things bring us down. We have to look for the good in every situation. Even though it may seem hard to do at the time, you have to ask yourself, What lesson am I being taught from this situation? What benefit am I gaining from this experience? How is this situation going to better me as a person? I know it’s tough and it seems easier said than done, but trust me when I say these things were meant to happen and these are lessons given to us to make us stronger and become better, if you just focused on all the bad things and stressful situations you’ve endured, you will only attract more of those types of situations and it will drain your entire energy. When we put our focus towards the positive things such as our goals and the things we are grateful for, we continue to attract more blessings. Energy flows, where your attention goes. With that being said let’s dive into four bad habits that will drain your entire energy and how to avoid them.

1. Don’t Feed into the Gossip! Ever hear family members or co workers gossiping about someone. ” Did you see what Brenda was wearing today, it was hideous.” We all heard or maybe even participated in the gossip at one time or another, but let me tell you, gossip will drain your energy. I can recall a situation when a coworker was gossiping everyday to me about another coworker. Everyday she was coming into work and constantly complaining to me about everything she didn’t like about that coworker. I wasn’t gossiping with her, but I was listening to her day in and day out, trying to be a good friend by lending her a ear. After awhile, I began to notice I was feeling very drained of energy. I then realized as I was intaking all the negative complaining and gossiping daily,  it really took a toll on me mentally. My advice to you is don’t waste your time associating with gossip, preserve, protect and nurture your energy.

2. Learn to live in the present moment. We shouldn’t stress or worry about the past or what’s going to happen in the future. We must not overthink situations that already occurred. We cannot go back in time and change what already happened because it’s in the past. What we can do is learn from past situations and take action NOW towards change. Once you take action, realize you are a step closer to what you want to accomplish. Also, worrying about a situation that hasn’t even arrived yet will also cause you to stress, leaving your energy field depleted. Have you ever worried about something and it makes you feel sick to your stomach? Listen when I say don’t stress, and don’t worry, you aren’t going to benefit from those types of emotions. You are only hurting yourself and making yourself sick. Always know that things will work out if it’s meant to be and everything will fall into place, you have to let go and trust the universe, and also understand when things don’t work out as you planned, accept it for what it is and know that the universe is working on something greater for you. 🙏🏼

3. Don’t take things personal. If we counted all the times someone talked bad about us, or did something to us that we perceived as bad, focusing on those things will make us feel miserable. I can recall a time when I received an email from my boss in which I took personally, thinking he was picking on me. I kind of had a grudge against him for while, until we had a department meeting and he brought up that if he happened to email any of us regarding a task, to not take it personal, he just wanted to know the details of that particular task. It was then that I realized that I should never take things personal, especially if the message is sent through email or text because you don’t know the tone of the person on the other end. We are only judging the words we read based on what we believe to be true. Now if you are speaking to someone face to face or on the phone and their words appear to you as being offensive, again Don’t Take it Personal. We all have feelings and a lot of people are just going through something in their life, maybe they just lost a loved one, or someone they love is really sick, maybe they are sick, maybe they are just having a bad day, or maybe they are unhappy with themselves so they project how they feel onto those around them. Their anger isn’t directly associated with you, it’s coming from within themselves and you happen to be around at the time this person released it. These people just need love, and maybe even a hug. When you refuse to take things personally you are protecting and preserving your energy field.

4. What does your diet consist of? Is it plant based? Or is it a diet high in processed foods? because that my friend, will definitely take a toll on your energy levels. Ever recall eating a heavy processed meal like a hamburger, fries and milkshake? Can you recall how you felt after you ate that? Perhaps bloated, lazy, depleted of energy, and maybe even disgusted at what you just ate. What you put into your body directly correlates with your energy and mood. When you eat healthy nutritious foods like kale, spinach, wheat grass, blueberries, mangos, and quinoa you feel alive, energized and rejuvenated. That’s because you are consuming foods that are high in vibration, which positively affects your mood, health and overall well being. Remember that the next time you are tempted to stop at that little burger stand by your house, it may taste good at the time or be convenient, but how are these foods actually benefiting your mind and body? What nutrition are you receiving from drinking a ice cream shake? Think about that lazy, bloated feeling you have after eating a heavy processed meal, you feel terrible right? If you want to feel good and vibrant, consume foods that we were meant to consume, and retain your positive energy and spread it all around you.

Until next time,

Im wishing all of you good health, happiness, and love.

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